Cudnn sample mnistCudnn test failed in docker container with ordinary user

I have one jetson NX with Jetpack4.6.
I download docker image with command [sudo docker pull]。
And I build a new image with an ordinary user from dockerfile, the command in dockerfile is below:

FROM l4t-base:r32.6.1:latest

RUN apt -y install sudo

RUN useradd -m ecbu && echo "ecbu:111111" | chpasswd && adduser ecbu sudo


WORKDIR /home/ecbu

USER ecbu

I install cudnn,and run cudnn sample in mnistcudnn.
It success in root but failed in ecbu,below is the result:

ERROR: cuda failure (no CUDA-capable device is detected) 

hi @yangqun ,
Apologies for delayed response,
Jetson forum should be able to support you better on the stated issue.