cuDNN segfaults when executing .so files

So I have a 1080Ti with the Nvidia proprietary drivers, and Cuda 9.0. I followed the installation guide for installing cuDNN and when I run:


I get a segmentation fault.

Is this line necessary for the installation? I have seen other people install this library without executing this line, but it is in the install guide, so what do they do?

No you don’t execute a line like that. The lines in the install guide that actually initiate a command are the ones that start with $

Since the line you are referring to doesn’t start with $, it is actually a continuation of the previous (sudo chmod …) line.

Oh ok. Thank you.

Why don’t you use


symbol in the end of line to point that command continues on the next line?
Is it different kind of sintaxis?

Had the issue. The documentation could have been better formatted.

The documentation related to this really needs updating, this caught me out too.