cudnnTransformFilter: imprecisions in API reference


API reference of cudnnTransformFilter function is quite messy: API Reference :: NVIDIA Deep Learning cuDNN Documentation

Same here (and maybe in the docs of previous releases): API Reference :: NVIDIA Deep Learning cuDNN Documentation

  • Function name and signature do not match cudnnTransformFilter, the parameters description does not match the signature.
  • srcData and dstData are said to be “pointers, in the host memory, to the data of the tensor described by srcDesc and destDesc respectively”. This is quite surprising to have those pointing in host memory and not in device memory. Is it actually so or it is an accidental copy-paste?
  • The same two parameters of cudnnTransformTensorEx which seems to be the source of the copy-paste are also said to be in host memory. Is it so?

Thanks in advance for clarifications.

Hi @maxim.karpushin ,
We are currently checking on this.
Will update you as and when i get any update.