CUDPP 1.1 Now Available CUDA Data-Parallel Primitives Library


The two major new features in CUDPP 1.1 are a very fast new radix sort implementation with support for sorting key-value pairs (with float or unsigned integer keys); and a new pseudorandom number generator, cudppRand.

CUDPP 1.1 also has a new license. We have replaced the former CUDPP license with a pure, standard BSD license. This greatly simplifies the CUDPP license details, and it also enables us to move the CUDPP code into a public source repository such as Google Code.

CUDPP 1.1 New Features and Improvements

  • New radix sort implementation under cudppSort() (based on Satish et al. IPDPS 2009 paper). All previous sorts have been removed. This new sort is much faster; as of release time, this is the fastest published GPU sorting algorithm.
  • Added cudppRand() pseudorandom number generation (based on Tzeng and Wei I3D 2008 paper).
  • Added support for backward segmented scan.
  • Switched from the previous license to a pure BSD license
  • Fixed satGL example to run in a native window on OS X, rather than an X11 window.
  • Removed Visual Studio 7.1 (2003) project files. CUDA 2.1 and later no longer support VS7.1.
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes.
  • In the documentatation, added a list of publications that use CUDPP, including both text and bibtex citation format.
  • In the documentation, updated the list of publications of algorithms included in CUDPP.
  • Miscellaneous Documentation improvements.

Downloading CUDPP

Visit the CUDPP Website for full details and downloads.