CUDPP: undefined reference General CUDA GPU Computing Discussion--CUDPP

Hi all,

I’ve downloaded the cudpp1.1 from gpgpu and successfully built the libraries in the common dir as recommended,

but I am getting the following errors while linking cudpp library with my code:

tmpxft_0000058e_00000000-11_sba_levmar.ii:(.text+0xbb9b): undefined reference to cudppPlan' tmpxft_0000058e_00000000-11_sba_levmar.ii:(.text+0xbbcb): undefined reference to cudppSegmentedScan’
tmpxft_0000058e_00000000-11_sba_levmar.ii:(.text+0xbbd6): undefined reference to `cudppDestroyPlan’

Does any one know how to solve this problem?

Please help!