cudpp vs trust my vote cudpp

What do you think of cudpp vs trust? I selected cudpp for some reasons, first I just do not need extra functionality of trust, operations with long vectors etc. And all I need, main data functions, sort etc are in cudpp. Also libraries present different approach, cudpp is just collection of common functions with common data types and trust is c++ templates library. I can say I do not need templates and do not want to deal with overhead os installing and compiling trust etc.

The ‘install and compile’ overhead was actually the reason I went with thrust. I liked being able to just put the headers on the include path, and have all the rest of it happen automatically. This minimised entanglements with autotools.

Hi, see Note the conclusion (regarding runtime) drawn by me in the last posting of the thread might be possibly incorrect as the runtime tests were done on Windows 7 which has the significant WDDM overhead for kernel launches for Geforce (& possible Quadro) GPUs.