cuEventQuery question documentation misleading


I am trying to use cuEventQuery from the asynchronous interface of the driver API and I do not understand what the behavior is supposed to be.

As a matter of fact, depending on the documentation, behavior seems to be different.

For example here you can see the online documentation for 3.1:

Here for 3.2 the pdf:

In the first case, CUDA_SUCCESS is returned if the GPU code has finished executing the stream till the point where cuEventRecord is called.

In the second case, CUDA_SUCCESS may also be returned if the cuEventRecord has not been encountered yet.

It does look like the second behavior is what I get in CUDA 3.1

My question: what is the behavior that should be dimmed “normal”? 1/ or 2/? If so, is there a reason to that?

(IMHO, the first behavior made way more sense, as it enabled doing some crazy tree dependencies)

Thank you…

The CUDA 3.1 description was inaccurate. The CUDA 3.2 description correctly reflects the behavior of shipping software (CUDA 3.1 and 3.2).