CUFFT data type

Hi all!

First: sorry for my bad english, and for my newbiez

I’m using CUDA to realize a gauss filter on a bmp file.

I have 2 float matrix with:

  1. data value from the bmp file

  2. data value of filter matrix

To apply FFT2D :

cufftHandle plan;

    cufftComplex *idata;

    cufftReal *odata;

    /* Create a 2D FFT plan. */

    cufftPlan2d(&plan, nx, ny, CUFFT_C2R);

/* Use the CUFFT plan to transform the signal out of place. */

    cufftExecC2R(plan, idata, odata);

But my idata is a float matrix, not cufftComplex data.

How can I solve this problem ?

i use some fft to do big multiplication integer at beginning complex at the end so i use complex
i thinks even you have float you must use complex if you have 5.3 change in (5.3, 0) complex

I think that I must use the Complex-to-Real FFT, because I cross from the spatial domain to the frequency domain,

and for use Complex-to-Real I must use only your suggestion.

is it correct to do this data changeover ?