CUFFT in windows 7 64bit


My mistake: I updated Cuda Toolkit to 4.1 but don’t update driver.

After update driver all works OK [/b]

I have simple program :

checkCudaErrors( cuInit(0) );

  checkCudaErrors( cuDeviceGet( hDevice ,0));

  checkCudaErrors( cuCtxCreate( hContext, 0,hDevice));

checkCudaErrors( cuMemAlloc(device_a, sizeof(cufftComplex)*N));

  checkCudaErrors( cuMemAlloc(device_b, sizeof(cufftComplex)*N));

  checkCudaErrors( cuMemAlloc(device_c, sizeof(cufftComplex)*N));

checkCudaErrors( cuMemcpyHtoD(device_a,@my_data[0], sizeof(cufftComplex)*N));

checkCuFFTErrors(cufftPlan1d( fftPlan, N, CUFFT_C2C,1));

  checkCuFFTErrors(  cufftExecC2C( fftPlan,device_a, device_b, CUFFT_FORWARD));

  checkCuFFTErrors(  cufftExecC2C( fftPlan,device_b, device_c, CUFFT_INVERSE));

It works OK in windows XP (cufft return corect values) , but when i try run it on windows 7 64bit i have error

when call “cufftPlan1d” , function result CUFFT_SETUP_FAILED (The CUFFT library failed to initialize)

What is wrong ?

I compiled 32bit EXE and 64bit EXE , and have same error in my 64bit windows :(