CUFFT on cudaArrays.

Hey guys.

I’d been using cuda for making a graphics program. What I was actually doing, was to take an image from a frameBuffer Object, bind it on a cudaArray, transform it (blurring through convolution process) and draw it back to the screen.

These days I want to change the convolution part by using fft transforms. (Transform my blur kernel and the image in fft domain, multiply element by element appropriately and take back the blurred image.) I am not sure whether this can be done and thought to ask you for any hint.

Since now I can access my image through texture-Reference(in which I have bound the cudaArray that contains my image data) and can access the data or set them otherwise (I fetch the pixel and store it to a uchar* temporaryColorBuffer or change its value and copy temporaryColorBuffer to the cudaArray memory deviceToDevice). But I can’t figure out how to transform the cudaArray to the fft domain.

Any help would be much appreciated!!