CUFFT on GTX 275 Driver Information requested for GTX 275 to run CUFFT

I am running simpleCUFFT example given in the projects folder. It works fine in emulation mode but gives out the following error in device mode: cufftSafeCall() CUFFT error in file <>, line 124. also has some information on the same error. Nico has suggested me to change my driver from 180.11 to 185.18.14.

What I am interested in is to know if anyone is having any success on running the simpleCUFFT on GTX 275 card. If yes, can you please tell me your driver version so that I can try it from my side. I do understand simpleCUFFT might work with other cards, but I am particularly interested in the GTX 275 card and thats why I have posted it again.


If you’re running a 2.2 toolkit you have to be running a 2.2 driver, which means you have to be running 185.18.something on Linux.

Thanks Murray!!

Is it possible to make simpleCUFFT work without upgrading the driver say like degrading my SDK?

if you’re using 180.xx, use the 2.1 SDK and toolkit.

Cool! thanks!!