CUFFT Plan Many


I am writing a program that has to computer hundreds of FFT computations. I am setting up the plan using the cufftPlanMany call and was wondering if anyone knows how much graphics memory a plan requires (or perhaps an equation for computing the memory requirements). For some reason this information does not accompany the cuFFT user guide.

Details about the batch:
Number of FFTs in a batch: 4 - 42
Dimension of each FFT: 1392 x 1040
Precision of each element: double precision complex

Are you on linux?
if so, you can create a simple test case that will create the FFT plan you want and break using a debugger (or wait for keystroke) and then run nvidia-smi that would show you the memory consumption.
Other than that you can also try cuMemGetInfo or the like to see how much memory you’re using.

for a batch of 40 with the dimensions you put, it would probably take 2GB and above - but you
should really check :)