CUFFT Unable to Profile in Nsight Systems?

I see that there are options for the trace switch in nsys CLI for cudnn and cublas, but there is none for cufft. Is there a reason why this would be the case?

I have a call that looks like this

cufftExecD2Z(fftPlanHandle, (cufftDoubleReal *)&(*gpu_x)[0],
(cufftDoubleComplex *)&(*gpu_y)[0]);

When I do a nsys stats report on the gputrace, I see that this call seems to have been replaced by “regular_fft_r2c”

Is there a reason why the profiler is using the name of what I presume to be an internal to cufftExecD2Z function call as opposed to cufftExecD2Z? Could it also be related to why there is no cufft switch option for the --trace flag in “nsys profile”