cufftPlan2d failed when too many calls

Hi there,
We need to create lots of cufft plans using ‘cufftPlan2d’ but it will fail after many calls:

code=1 "cufftPlan2d(&plan, n[0], n[1], CUFFT_C2R)

So I am wondering is there a limit of how many handles ‘cufftPlan2d’ can create?

you’ll run out of memory, eventually

If it runs out of memory, shouldn’t the error code be ‘2’? But it returns ‘1’.

And one thing, my app can use multiple GPU cards. It only reports error when there are more than 4 cards, wierd.

1 is invalid plan, which isn’t a documented error type for cufftPlan2D

probably would need a complete test case, with a description of how to use it to produce the error

If you have a self-contained test case, you can file a bug at

I have created a minimal test case for this issue and looks like cufft has a limit of plans created. I can not create more than 500 plans in a single process, is this designed to be so or something else? Should I file a bug report?

I don’t know if it is by design or not. It’s not a common scenario. There might still be a bug in your application. Anyway, you’re welcome to file a bug report.

I have filed a bug report with minimal test case. bug ID: 2106819