cufftPlanMany() and memory occupancy memory space required to work out-of-place

Dear all, I looked at the CUFFT user guide twice but I have not found this information. Let’s assume that I have to perform a batch of 3D FFT and these FTT will occur out-of-place because (at the moment) I do not perform a proper padding to work in-place. The dimensions of a 3D FFT are {N1, N2, N3} and I know that the plan will require a certain amount of memory (how much?).

The question is: how many 3D FFT can I perform on a Fermi card (3GByte of memory on the card) using cufftPlanMany()? Is there a formula or an approximated formula that cal help me to find the right number?

Thank you so much in advance for any suggestion,

no suggestions?