cuffttest keep crashing on Windows

I tried to build CUDA samples provided with PGfortran package, but the cuffttest.exe keeps crashing. Although the deviceQuery.exe did run and printed the correct device report. (cufft32_32_16.dll and cudart32_32_16.dll are inside the same folder).
Any suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks.

Hi sectionboy,

What PGI version are you using? We dropped CUDA 3.2 in the 2012 compilers and now default to CUDA 4.0. Most likely you just need to update your CUFFT version to at least 4.0.

Note that 12.2 also support CUDA 4.1 via the -Mcuda=4.1 flag. So if you download the latest CUDA 4.1 toolkit, be sure to add this flag to your compile.

Hope this helps,