cufftXtSetCallback returning error CUFFT_NOT_IMPLEMENTED

I have implemented the case from the ProTip: CUDA Pro Tip: Use cuFFT Callbacks for Custom Data Processing | NVIDIA Technical Blog
Using the code found here:

I compiled and linked the code as was recommended:
nvcc -dc -c -o cufft_callbacks.o
nvcc -o cufft_callbacks cufft_callbacks.o -lcufft -lcufft_static -lculibos

But I get CUFFT_NOT_IMPLEMENTED from the cufftXtSetCallback when running:
Preparing input: 1000x1024
Computing reference solution
Creating FFT plan
CUDA error at code=14 “status”

This is the same error I am getting from a separate test I was doing, so I doubt the issue is the code itself. I should be running on 64-bit OS, using CUDA compute 7.5 and nvvc version 11.6.


You can link either -lcufft or -lcufft_static. Linker picks first version and most likely silently drops second one - you essentially linked to non-callback version of cuFFT.

We have more info about this with examples over here: 1. Introduction — cufft 12.2 documentation