cuLinkCreate failing with CUDA_ERROR_INVALID_VALUE with latest driver 426.47


I am currently having a problem using runtime compilation with latest driver 426.47. Everything was working fine with previous drivers, and I believe it is a problem with this driver and nvcuda.dll shipped with this driver.

With latest driver, my program is failing when trying to create a CUlinkState
Here the code which is used (which is pretty much what is used in cuda doc)

	CUjit_option jitOpt[] = {
	void* jitOptVal[] = {
	CUlinkState linkState;
	CU_SAFE_CALL(_cuLinkCreate_v2(sizeof(jitOpt) / sizeof(jitOpt[0]), jitOpt, jitOptVal, &linkState));

nvcuda.dll is loaded through LOAD_LIBRARY method.

ps: I did further checks, the problem occurs only when using CU_JIT_LTO (however the program can’t work without that option: as it is linking a piece of code which is compiled at runtime to another one precompiled as fatbin)

Thanks for your help