cuMemcpyAtoA: Copies memory from Array to Array Cuda Driver API Memory Management


I have a question about cuMemcpyAtoA of Cuda Driver API:

The description reads:

// Copies from one 1D CUDA array to another. dstArray and srcArray
// specify the handles of the destination and source CUDA arrays for the copy,
// respectively. dstOffset and srcOffset specify the destination and
// source offsets in bytes into the CUDA arrays. ByteCount is the number of
// bytes to be copied. The size of the elements in the CUDA arrays need not be
// the same format, but the elements must be the same size; and count must be
// evenly divisible by that size.

What does the last sentence mean ?:

and count must be evenly divisible by that size


So ArraySize1 / ElementSize
So ArraySize2 / ElementSize

But what does “evenly” mean in this regard ? Must the outcome be the same ? Or must it be “even” instead of “odd” ?

A bit vague for me…