cuModuleLoad seg fault with cubin file

Hello there,

I have been struggling with the vectorAddDrv example from CUDA sdk version 3.1. The example code works perfactly with the way it is setup by default to use <data/vectorAdd.ptx> module. But I wanted to check the code with .cubin file and it fails with segmentation fault.

result with ptx file:

[tvsingh@fuji working]$ /usr/local/cuda/sdk/C/bin/linux/release/vectorAddDrv
Vector Addition (Driver API)

findModulePath found file at </usr/local/cuda/sdk/C/bin/linux/release/…/…/…/src/vectorAddDrv/data/vectorAdd.ptx>
initCUDA loading module: </usr/local/cuda/sdk/C/bin/linux/release/…/…/…/src/vectorAddDrv/data/vectorAdd.ptx>
PTX JIT log:
: Considering profile ‘compute_20’ for gpu=‘sm_20’ in ‘cuModuleLoadDataEx_5’

Press ENTER to exit…

result with cubin file without any other change:[tvsingh@fuji working] ./vectorAddDrv Vector Addition (Driver API) Segmentation fault [tvsingh@fuji working] ls data/
[tvsingh@fuji working]$ ls -l data/
total 4
-rw-r–r-- 1 tvsingh staff 1152 Sep 16 14:39 vectorAdd.cubin

I started looking at this example because of the similar behavior with other cubin file, that I wanted to load as module but was failing with same situation. The configuration of the system is as follows:

CUDA 3.1
Nvidia Driver: 258.19
Operating system: Linux-x86_64

Any help will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance,