Cumulus VX and linux-headers/sources

Good day everyone,

I’m trying to get acquainted with Cumulus Linux VX 4.4 (use QEMU and Hyper-V for that) and I have a question about kernel modules development: is it possible to install a proper linux-headers package there?

I usually install it with
apt install linux-headers-$(uname-r)

but it doesn’t seem to work on this environment:
uname -r returns 4.19.0-cl-1-amd64
and aptitude search linux-headers doesn’t show this particular version (but I can install 4.19.0-20-amd64, for example).

Considering I need to populate this path:


there is also another way, it could be done with make headers_install, but this requires the kernel sources which don’t seem to be available.

Could you advise me if the goal can be achieved in this environment/OS?

Thank you


Could you please paste here the content of your /etc/apt/sources.list file.

The linux-headers-$(uname -r) package should be available for download as well as the linux-source package.

Also please paste the content of /etc/image-release and /etc/lsb-release.

And make sure to run apt update before trying to install the linux-headers package.