cuPrintf available

Printing is now possible from within kernel code for 2.3 + . I don’t think this was possible before?

Anyways, its gonna make my life easier… Where is Nexus ???

Attaching zip…


yeah I should make a forum post with the official announcement.

anyway, you should not repost the source because it’s on the reg dev site right now and I don’t know that you can.

Ah, i had a creeping suspicion that might be the case… Sorry about that!

In what way is this different than the gpu_trace library that was posted before? I have a quick glance at the documentation and it looks quite alike (maybe cuPrintf can change target thread(s) during runtime?)

yes, i have some memory of this being posted before… Don’t have time now but will have a deeper look at it later.

I can’t find it on the developer site, can you post a link?

I just downloaded it from developer site a moment ago.

are you sure you were checking the right place?

No I’m not, whereabouts can I find it? I’m not that familiar with navigating around it…

Sorry, I know nothing about the developer site (I just have other people post things to it).

cuPrintf is really just printf that runs on the GPU (with a couple limitations), so you don’t have to do things at compile-time only or whatever. I don’t know what the gpu_trace library did, but I doubt it’s that full-featured.

You can sign up here:…er_program.html

I believe you need to use “GPU Computing Developer Application”.

Good luck