(CUPTI) could not be initialized.

Hi, I am new to openACC and I had some trouble when running the sample code using PGI. When I wanted to set PGI_ACC_TIME = 1 and run the a.out file. The terminal said,
PGI: CUDA Performance Tools Interface (CUPTI) could not be initialized.
Please disable all profiling tools (including NVPROF) before using PGI_ACC_TIME.
Anyone knows how to deal with this? Thank you

Hi kqi60569,

Is there another profiler such as nvprof, tau, or score-p being run at the same time?

  • Mat

Hi Mat, I am not sure. Because I just installed PGI and write a .c file.
Then I used “pgcc -acc main.c”, “export PGI_ACC_TIME=1”, and “a.out” in the PGI Workstation 2015 terminal.

Do you know how to see if these profiler is running?

If you are on Linux, then you can use the “ps -ef” command to see what’s running on the system. On Windows, use the process tab on the Task Manager.