Cupy and DNN_BACKENDCUDA -> All Fail on TX2

I cannot install or use any of these.


You need OpenCV 4.2 or above to use DNN_BACKEND_CUDA
Tried to install OpenCV after the jetpack installation using this guide → Says build successful but Python3 still states that the Jetpack’s Opencv 4.1.0 is the current version. Followed these steps verbatim except for Jetson 2 specific ARCH.

Stalls and fails completely.
Can’t upgrade Python 3.6.9 to anything else. Always states 3.6.9 is the default package install from Jetson and I can’t figure out how to delete 3.6.9 and keep 3.8+… Very frustrating
Cupy website states versions of Python supported: Python: v3.7.0+ / v3.8.0+ / v3.9.0+ / v3.10.0+


Which JetPack version do you use?
We can install both on the latest JetPack 4.6.



Please use compute_62 and sm_62 for TX2.

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