CURAND library on Win32

Hi, I am trying to build my application that is using CURAND library. But there is no curand.lib file in Win32 library directory. Its only in x64 directory but I dont want use 64 bit version.
What do I need to do for successful application building?

My CUDA version is 7.0

It’s not supported. Read section 1.1.1 of the CUDA_Getting_Started_Windows.pdf document that is installed with CUDA 7 (use windows file search to find it if necessary). Support for 32-bit windows development is limited. It can only be done on a x64 platform, and if you target a 32-bit binary on an x64 platform, you are limited to basic CUDA usage but no library support for CURAND.

You can either revert to an older toolkit that supports full 32-bit development, or switch to developing a 64-bit application if you want to use CURAND.

Thanx for your answer. I think I’ll switch to 64-bit developing.