CURAND with Fortran

Any one know a sample of calling cuRAND generator in Fortran. Also, what if my applications need thousand of random sequences (i.e. I need to use an array of seed values). Is it possible to do this in cuRAND or another available library?


Hi Tuan,

I don’t have an example of using CURAND but will ask around. I did write an article that calls a CUDA C Mercenne Twister RNG and calling CURAND would use the same methods. Basically, you just need to add an interface to the CURAND methods.

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  • Mat

Hello Tuan,
may I ask you how you did solve your problem? I think I need to do the same: I need many random number in every thread running on the GPU while update the configuration of a lattice.

Thank you!

Hi Davide,
Sorry, I haven’t tried cuRAND since then. I’m using two random number generators: SARU (after talking to the author, Steve Worley, at GTC’11), and Mersene Twister on GPU (provided by a group from Japan).