CURAND won't work correctly on 32 bit windows 7 CURAND doesn't return random nubers

This is my first post on this forum so please forgive me if I forget something.

I have an unusual problem. I am experimenting with curand library, just trying to get some random numbers, but when I call curand() function it always return the same number. Funny thing is that if my friend runs the same code, he does get random numbers.
We both have cuda 3.2 and 4.0, visual studio 2010 ultimate (I tried it on VS 2008 SP1 but no luck), Nvidida driver 275.33.

  • he uses 64bit cuda on 64bit W7, I have 32bit cuda on 32bit W7
  • he has 8800GT and 9650GT (one PC and one notebook - program works fine on both), I have 8800GTS
  • I work over Teamviever (which I think is not the reason)

The code which is attached is example from CURAND library. (1.48 KB)

The same code use the same seed produce the same random number.

From CURAND manual.

__device__ void

curand_init (

unsigned long long seed, unsigned long long sequence,

unsigned long long offset, curandState *state)

Your code looks fine to me, which suggests that your kernels might not be executing. There is no error code checking in this code, so if there is a problem with CUDA, you won’t know. I would add some tests looking at the return codes of the CUDA functions just to rule this out.