Curb detection in FreeSpace sample.


I am working on the FreeSpace sample from Nvidia DriveWorks.
While using the live camera output, I noticed that when there is no curb detected in the frame(even in blank images), it display a weird,non-uniform “curb boundary”.
(please see the image for reference: ).

I wanted to know why this happens cause ideally,shouldn’t it have no boundary at all and if it all does,shouldn’t it be “others”(yellow) category?

This would be helpful as I am developing an application based on presence of road but I am getting false-positive cases due to this behaviour.

Best Regards,
Vishak Nathan

Dear Vishak,
From the image it looks like you have covered the camera with some object. Can you please tell DW version, camera and steps to reproduce the issue?

Hello SivaRamakrishna,

I am using DriveWorks SDK v0.6.67 version and the camera is Sekonix SF3324-100 N2.0 RCCB sensor.
And Yes,I did cover the camera completely with my hand. The intention was to feed a blank frame and see if the behavior still occurs(which it does).

Can you please check the network with on road video as it is idle condition for this network. If possible can you share such video to reproduce it on our end.

In the ideal on-road condition, it is showing the curb boundaries and thus working fine.

But, the problem is that even in no-road situations ,it is showing the behavior as the previous image attachment.

Not sure if the video of on road situation would be interesting cause it is just the normal expected behavior.

Just to clarify, it is expected to work on-road condition not inside premises.