Curious discovery about Geforce GTX 750ti

Hello Forum

I was looking at Octane rder and clicked a link to Nvidia CUDA cards

Under the GeForce link on the page in the list of Geforce CUDA cards I noticed something I am curious about.

The page lists the GPU’s and their compute ability.

Cards below the Geforce GTX750 and above the Geforce GTX750 ti have a CR of 3.0

However the Geforce GTX 750 has a CR of 5 and the Geforce GTX750ti has a CR of 5.1

Is this correct? Or is it a typographical error.

It seems to me that with 2 x GTX750ti cards in SLI I could out perform a Titan V which has a CR of 7
if this is real.

Octane can use all GPU’s in a computer therefore I assume s x GPU’s running a CR of 5.1 would be faster than a single Titan V at a CR of 7.

Please feel free to correct me if this is wrong.

Best Regards

Jim Barnes

My apologies upon a second look I realise that both Geforce GTX 750 and 750ti have a CR of 5.0