Current TK1 kernel source?

I noticed the kernel source available from the developer website is 3.10.24(according to kernel Makefile). i flashed my card with Jetpack and uname says 3.10.40.

Is there a place where I can get the matching 3.10.40 source?

The L4T R21.x release is 3.10.40. The current R21.3 page is this, kernel source available on that page:

Someone should probably update the kernel source link on this page in that case. It points to 3.10.24 version.

I just downloaded it to make sure, using the link I gave. It does have 3.10.40. Take a look at the top level of the source, top of the Makefile. It shows this:


The link you gave does have 3.10.24. I’ve not used that page to get kernel source before, I’ve always gone to the specific R21.3 link (or whichever one I’m looking for).