Curve Editor keyframes get deleted when reopening USD file! Needs to be fixed!

Hi, there is a big problem here. I’ve animated one of my cameras using the curve editor and also using the sequencer on a shot track. After I’ve animated my camera and saved it and close machinima and then reopen it later on, the keyframes on the curve editor are gone!
So, I have redo all the camera animations on the curve editor again!
I’m having this feeling that you can’t use the sequencer and curve editor at the same time because I’ve noticed that it can get really buggy and then machinima decides to crash and shutdown in front of me.

I wanted to report this bug which needs to be fixed.


Probably just going to use the curve editor without the sequencer to animate my cameras for now.

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Hello @Wintoons! Wow, let me get the Machinima team to take a look at this issue asap.

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Hello @Wintoons! The development team is aware of this issue and is working on a solution. Thanks for letting us know!

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Thanks Wendy! :)

That is the way I also work now. But just using the eye icon on camera track in timeline - you know to hide that layer - seems to be a good workaround, you can then manipulate the curve editor keyframes!