cusolverDnCreate segmentation fault

Hi everybody,

I had implemented an eigensolver following page 217 of which was working perfectly as of today. Nevertheless, it now throws a segmentation fault error that I have narrowed down to the line

cusolver_status = cusolverDnCreate(&cusolverH);

I honestly have no idea how to debug this error. Google has been of little help. How may I print/assert the handle cusolverH so that I know that it has been correctly initialized? Otherwise, how can I print cusolver_status itself?

Let’s say that the initialization of the handle is correct, then which is the usual cause of a segmentation fault in these cases?

Thank you very much for your time.

Hi again everybody,

there has been a “development”. The segmentation fault is related to being unable to access [the handle i]cusolverH[/i], which is a host side problem. Nevertheless, when the handle is accessed, the assertion following the line of code mentioned on my previous post fails (see the two lines of code below):

cusolver_status = cusolverDnCreate(&cusolverH);
assert(CUSOLVER_STATUS_SUCCESS == cusolver_status);

Any idea on why cusolver does not succeed? What is the usual reason of cusolver’s failure in these cases?

This sounds to me like an example of stack corruption in your program. That isn’t related to CUDA.