Cusparse Can't define cusparseSpMatDescr_t and other

I have a problem to define

cusparseSpMatDescr_t matA;

cusparseDnVecDescr_t vecX, vecY;

and other

in follow link.

When I built my code, I got bellow error.

error: identifier “cusparseSpMatDescr_t” is undefined

error: identifier “cusparseDnVecDescr_t” is undefined

error: and other

In the header, I am including the folloeing files:
#include “cuda.h”
#include “cuda_runtime.h”
#include “cusparse.h”

I guess these identifiers defined in

#if !defined(_WIN32) cusparse.h.

I set to 64-bit(–macine 64) at Target Machine Platform in Visual Studio 2017.

But _WIN32 Defined as 1 when the compilation target is 32-bit ARM, 64-bit ARM, x86, or x64. Otherwise, undefined.

Do you have any detailed information regarding them to solve this problem?

PC:DELL 5820

OS: Windows10 64 version1809

Visual Studio 2017

CUDA 10.2

I appreciate your continued support.