CUSPARSE / CUBLAS init fail when using CUDA 4.1 and higher

Dear all,

I’m using CUBLAS/CUSPARSE/CURAND Dlls on Win7 64bit with a Quadro 2000. I wrote some wrappers / headers for FreePascal and evreything worked absolutely fine when using CUDA 4.0.

After updating to CUDA 4.1 (and so do all others until 5.0), there is no chance to call cusparseCreate (or cublasCreate). Any launch will give an exception with runtime error 217 or a message “control-c hit”. The CURAND lib calls are not affected (they work)

Any idea what the matter is?

Thanks in advance

try on 32-bit version…

sometimes control-c hit is kind of 32-bit/64-bit problem.