Custom 2560 X 1024 Works w/RTX but not Intel GPU

I have created a custom monitor that is 2560 X 1024. It works seamlessly with any laptop that has an NVIDIA RTX 2000 series or higher. The monitor is not recognized by any laptop that only has the built-in Intel GPU. I cant figure out why as well as how to get the Intel GPU-Only laptops to recognize the custom monitor

Hi there @michael.utsugi1 and welcome to the NVIDIA developer forums!

Custom monitors usually use uncommon timings and EDID information that might or might not be recognized by GPU drivers by default. I am not surprised that a dedicated GPU has a wider range of accepted settings than a built-in GPU. Laptop graphics is first and foremost dedicated to the built-in screen and does not necessarily support all configurations for the external display connector.

Maybe worth checking with the support of the Laptop manufacturer?


Thank you for the response! That is basically what I was looking for.