Custom Attributes on prims are lost after imported in 3Ds Max

If you have a USD file, which contains custom attributes, after imported in 3Ds Max, you can’t access them. Then if you export it, your USD will have all the attributes redefined, loosing your custom ones.

Just checking you mean you are setting custom attributes in USD Composer and then you want them to be read in 3dsmax after re-importing ? I am not sure we support bringing back custom attributes out of Composer. Let me check.

It is a pity that custom attributes is not supported yet.

Exactly. So the steps are:

  1. Create a custom attribute in your USD file (I’m doing it via a script in Omniverse Create, but I guess it doesn’t matter where do you author the custom attribute).
  2. Using 3Ds Max Omniverse Connector, import your USD.
  3. Re-export it using the Connector.
  4. Open USD back in Omniverse. Custom attributes are lost.

Are there plans to support them? ATM this is a blocker for our pipeline (Automotive), normally you want to store all sort of data in your Digital Twin. Connecting with other softwares (for example for remodelling parts) shouldn’t erase any metadata or attribute.
Thanks for your support! If you know any alternative please let me know.

How many different types of custom attributes in your USD? Can you upload one .usda file as one example?

atm just string attributes, for example “originalMaterial” in the example .usda (13.5 KB)

Get it. Thank you!

I only find customLayerData in the usda file. Is it all you want?

I am adding two script command for the purpose to copy prim attributes.

nvomniverse.setoptionvar "copy_usd_custom_attr" "true"
nvomniverse.setoptionvar "usd_custom_attributes" " targetMaterial, originalMaterial,  properties "

But for this following property, USD Prim API cannot access it.

reorder properties = ["originalMaterial", "targetMaterial"]

Is it needed too?

I made a fix with 3ds Max Connector daily build, version = “201.3.0-alpha.5”. It also copies ‘reorder properties’.

Thank you very much! that sounds good, I will test it

Is there an estimated release date for 201.3.0 or a way to get it in alpha phase? thanks

We are planning a new release in Q1 2024 around GTC