Custom Board - 6x Synchronised Cameras - Control pins confusion


I’m attempting to create a custom Xavier NX carrier board, on my board I wish to have 6 synchronised, 2Lane CSI camera inputs.
My intended camera module will be a Global shutter camera (hence will have a external trigger pin) with MIPI CSI-2 15pin (probably ArduCam OV9281 1MP Global Shutter Camera).

Looking at my options to achieve this I’m a bit confused over the control pin requirements.

1# Master Clocks for each camera module - Should I be using a single source (boosted) and connected to all 6 cameras? If not how should I configure them from the 4 available?

2# PWDN pins - I only see 2 available, again can these just be connected to multiple camera modules or do I choose GPIO pins for the remaining 4 cameras?

3# My camera modules will have a trigger pin, I was intending firing this in all modules simultaneously via a GPIO.
However is it another possible solution to fire synchronised trigger events via the I2C bus (presuming appropriate connections to talk to all camera modules via I2C simultaneously)?

As you might have guessed I’m a bit of a weekend warrior with this (i.e. I’m more used to Arduino type circuits & in over my head:)
I have read the product design guide and the camera specific guide, But am still just as lost!


  1. Suppose each module need an input clocks for it
  2. Suppose all camera need independent pins.
  3. My understand is need sync signal connect to each sensors from one master.

For sync sensor design I would suggest consult with sensor vendor for better knowing.

Thanks for your reply, since then I have perused a few more websites:) I come to these conclusions…

1# Master Clocks for each camera module - Any of the 4 available can be used, and buffered if needed, external master clocks can also be used - configuration required in driver. For best synchronisation Master Clocks should be shared/Synchronised.
2# PWDN pins - Choose extra pins from GPIO if required, pins may be shared between modules as long as it’s ok for the application to power cameras simultaneously.
3# Trigger pin/synchronised imaging - Yes… There are several ways to achieve synchronised imaging, including connected trigger pins, sync signal(master/slave signals (as suggested), shared/buffered I2C commands and strobe out to trigger connections.

If any of the above is incorrect, please elaborate on why.

Thanks again.

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