Custom Board Bring Up and YOCTO

what is the best way to bring up jetson xavier nx like hardware on a custom board?

do you recommend using yocto with jetson support?
maybe other tool?

I’m new in this area so any additional tips/help/guidance will be much appreciated.
Tutorials will be great!


Hi yoavrubin17,

Please refer to

thank you for your reply.
I read this document before posting my question.

YOCTO project is not mentioned there and that’s why I’m asking. Maybe someone had good experience with YOCTO and this hardware and can recommend.

Hello @BSP_User

If you are interesting about Yocto project, please take a look in the following links:

You can use the discussions angle to ask your question about board bring up.

We will try to help you.

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Hi @BSP_User ,

RidgeRun provides professional support for Yocto on Jetson Devices. You can refer to our quick start guide here: Yocto Support for NVIDIA Jetson Platforms - Yocto Support for NVIDIA Jetson Platforms



thank you for your answer