custom board emmc

I developed a custom board using the tk1. After flashing the emmc flash ,the board failed to work normally.

The uart log said ,“mmcblk0rpmb command error”.

I use the flash H26M78003bf which is on the availabe list of emmc flash.

Any config changes needs to be done?

H26M78003BF is emmc 4.5 while SDIN8DE4-16G is emmc4.5.1.

Flashing is successful? Please post more log here.

Flashing is succesful and now,the board can boot normally except for the error message.

The error message leads the board to boot much slower than normal,but after booting successful,there is no difference.

mmcblk0rpmb:command error,retrying timeout
end_request: I/O error,dev mmcblk0rpmb sector 0
Buffer I/0 error on device mmcblk0rpmb,logic block 0

the similar error messages repeat again and again,when booting

Can you try to edit this file to skip rpmb partition read?


skip block read for partitions of type rpmb

KERNEL==“mmcblk[0-9]rpmb”, SUBSYSTEM==“block”, GOTO=“persistent_storage_end”


Thanks a lot for your help.

The file is storage.rules? The file is one of the kernel source files?

I have not used this particular file, but files of the format “60-persistent-storage.rules” tend to be part of the init process used in Linux boot (numbering is used as a way to indicate relative order of running the files). In this case it is a udev device special file rule for dynamically naming and existence of files in /dev. See:

# ...especially...

You will sometimes find symbolic links in “/etc” subdirectories to the “/lib” version of the file for actual configuration. For udev there is “/etc/udev/rules.d”. Think of the “/lib” version as a library of init definitions, and “/etc” directories as a place to customize the rules. There is a README file in the “/etc/udev/rules.d” directory which has some explanation concerning customization.

I’m not positive, but you should probably be able to copy the original “/lib” file into the “/etc” directory and edit that without changing the file name (it is possible you’d need to bump the number up or down one, I have not tested this).

Thanks for your help I modefied the file and now the board works normally.