Custom board with Orin NX 8G - encryption with jp 5.1.1

Hello everyone,

I’ve been attempting to encrypt the SSD on a Jetson device using version 5.1.1, but unfortunately, I haven’t had any success. I am working with two custom boards: the Advantech MIC-310NX and the Seeed Studio reComputer Industrial J4011. My approach involved using the eDisk encryption method as outlined in NVIDIA’s documentation (specifically, the section on using initrd flash with Orin NX and Nano, available at NVIDIA Developer Guide).

I understand that there may be compatibility issues between JetPack versions 5.1.1 (r35.3.1) and 5.1.2 (r35.4.1), especially in terms of tool functionality. We have reached out to Advantech and Seeed Studio to inquire about possible updates to their Board Support Packages (BSP), but it seems they are still working on it.

Could anyone provide insights or guidance on the modifications needed in JetPack 5.1.2 to successfully encrypt the SSD on these machines? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

hello apa,

we’ve tested locally to confirm disk encryption is working (JP-5.1.2/r35.4.1). you may see-also forum topic, Topic 264454 for the test steps.
please double check you’re using [Driver Package (BSP) Sources] package with identical L4T release version if you’re using a customize key for disk encryption. you may see-also Topic 271974 for the magic bytes to examine your EKS image.

Hi Jerry Chang, we try to use the JP-5.1.2/r35.4.1 with our devices from advantech and Seeed. We are not even able to flash the device wit this version. The BSP they provide us are made with the 5.1.1. Can you tell me what files we should modify to be able to used these device with the JP-5.1.2/r35.4.1 ??? OR can you confirm with me that we really need the BSP from these vendor to use the JP-5.1.2/r35.4.1. package.

the JP-5.1.2/r35.4.1 is working with the Advantech MIC-310NX and the Seeed Studio reComputer Industrial J4011 ???

hello apa,

please contact with vendors for further supports as you’re not using developer kits.

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