Custom boot splash screen : Nvidia logo appears after kernel boot up

We are working in the L4T 32.2.1. We followed the steps in the below links and updated the bmp.blob file in the Linux for Tegra package and flashed the device.

Our custom logo appears in the display initially during boot up. Then we see kernel messages in the display. Right after the kernel messages, the nvidia logo appears for a few seconds and the desktop loads in the display.

Is there a way to remove the nvidia logo that seem to appear after the kernel is loaded?

Additional information(if it helps): We have used the l4t_create_default_user script to create user in the L4T package before flashing using this command
sudo ./ -u nvidia -p nvidia -a

The logo shows after kernel is just a png file. Nothing to do with the BMP splash.

NVIDIA_Login_Logo.png” under /usr/share/backgrounds.

Thanks for the clarification. Now we are able to change the logo after the kernel boot up as well.

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Added info which won’t apply for all cases (various X init files will differ in releases and other per user situations, but you probably want to at least look at this): The file which actually points at that logo could be changed to point at a different logo (versus changing the content of that file). If you look at “/etc/skel/.xsessionrc”, note that this has:

Whenever a new account is created, the default is (usually, depending on arguments) to copy in the “/etc/skel/*” content to the new user’s home directory. Changing the skel/.xsessionrc would change this for future new users. Changing the actual user’s “~/.xsessionrc” would change this for an existing user if this is the method of pointing at the logo. If this file does not exist, then you don’t need to worry about it for the existing account, but the skel content would be of interest since it would possibly do something you don’t want upon creation of a new user.

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