Custom Camera Driver Development

We’re building a platform that ideally will use 2-3 different cameras. The primary camera, AR0234 rolling shutter will capture video of the subject. The second camera IMX477 will have a zoomed in video of the subject to capture high detail, and finally the third is undefined but is less critical. We’re working with our current camera vendor to implement changes to get this to work but I wanted to know if anyone has any other vendors that do driver development.

I’m taking another look at FRAMOS and I have a contact at Ridgerun but they are pretty busy at the moment. Any suggestions would be welcome.

Note: In the final product it isn’t possible to use two carrier boards and two Jetsons.

Have a check below link for more partner.

I think I had forgotten the spectrum of partners Nvidia listed. I was also just curious if one was prowling the forums or if anyone had experience with using two different cameras.

I know D3/Leopard may have this kind of design. One camera board design for different sensor.

@kevin89, we at FRAMOS have solutions to run various different sensor modules on a single Jetson board. Have you contacted your local FRAMOS support person? Alternatively, please let us know if you are still looking for any help.

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