Custom Camera Driver Flash

Hi I made a custom camera driver and compiled it I want to flash it using SDK manager.

Is it possible ?

Is this in the form of a module compiled against the running kernel configuration? If so, then it is just a file copy without any need for flashing.

If you run the command “uname -r” on the Jetson, then you’ll get a kernel version with a suffix in the name, e.g., “4.9.140-tegra” is one example. In this example, before compiling against the kernel, this was set to provide the “-tegra” suffix to the base kernel version:

The kernel modules themselves are located at:
/lib/modules/$(uname -r)/kernel

The subdirectory within this is the same as the subdirectory in the kernel source tree. For example, the “xfs” filesystem driver source code in the kernel source is in subdirectory “fs/xfs”, and produces file “xfs.ko”, so if your kernel is “4.9.140-tegra”, then the xfs.ko module would go here:

Also have reference to L4T document for the kernel customized and flash command for specific partition.