Custom camera rendering/layer

Hi, I was looking at the tutorial and realized that Unity3D+IsaacSim is no longer supported.
That combination had a very interesting feature: the possiblity of creating layers/mask to render different set of objects in different cameras.
Is that possible in the omniverse echosystem? Or should I simply shot an image->change the object to invisible-> reshot the image?

The thing that blocked me to do that is the fact that I want to record a fluid video sequence, one stream with a set of object and one stream with another set of objects.

For unity this applied:

Depth and segmentation cameras are implemented using HDRP Custom Pass. The HDRPIsaacVolume prefab must be added to a scene to enable these cameras. This custom volume is on the IsaacSegmentation layer, and only applies to cameras whose Volume Mask includes this layer.

I’ve seen that there is the “layer” panel and that I can enable/diable things within it, but I cannot see how a camera can see only one layer OR the other.