Custom Carrier Board (for final productization)

I’m newbie in hardware side…

I developed a camera system using Jetson Xaiver Development Kit.
DV kit was good enough for prototyping, however to develop a final product it seems I need to make my own carrier board.
So I tried to check a price of Jetson Xavier( and Jetson Xavier DV Kit( and found that DV Kit is cheaper than buying just board.
so my question is

  1. is DV Kit a lighter version of Jetson Xavier board? or why is Jetson Xavier board more expensive?

  2. is there any special reason why not to use Jetson Xavier DV Kit as a final product?

Thank you…

Developer kit is not warrantied the same and isn’t for production. There may be different environmental support too, but not sure. Take a look at warranty differences.


  1. NVIDIA says two parts are different somewhere.
    Price, it is a NVIDIA policy I think.
    Some other SoC vendor has different policy. low-price chip high-price reference board.

  2. Refer FAQ: link
    Developer kit is for development environment not for production.
    Therefore, NVIDIA may not guarantee the operating lifetime.


One specific point to add to this is that a dev kit warranty might be to original purchaser only, while a commercial module may transfer warranty…but someone from NVIDIA would have to tell you if I am correct about this or not.