Custom carrier board for Jetson Orin AGX running l4t 35.1 and Jetson Linux 5.0.2 not finishing boot


A couple months ago, we ported l4t 35.3 for Jetson Orin agx devkit to our custom carrier board (changing the HDMI, ethernet, USB and our audio configurations) and it worked fine. However, in our project we need to use a library only available for l4t jetpack 5.0.2. So I did all my modifications to the l4t release 5.0.2 which included changing DP to HDMI, MGBE to RGMII, remove multiple USB ports and finally some changes for i2s ports. I was able to flash the Jetson correctly and pass the booting screen but the jetson gets stuck just before finishing the boot sequence. Any idea whats causing this ?

To be clear im using l4t r35.1 with Jetson linux 5.0.2

I have joined the boot.log to this topic :
boot.log (90.0 KB)

Also here is the flash log :
flash.log (81.6 KB)

Thanks and have a great week!


  1. There is no obvious error from uart log.

  2. I don’t suggest to use old BSP as too many bugs have been fixed in later release.

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