Custom Carrier Board, Multiple SOM Support

We are creating a custom carrier board for Jetson NX-family SOMs. I need to support multiple Jetson NX family SOMs (Xavier and Orin to begin with) on our custom carrier board. I would like to have the boot process select the configuration/device-tree/etc. automatically during the boot process, and not have to have a special install for each different SOM. Is that possible? Do you recommend it?

Do I need to have an EEPROM on our carrier board with the Jetson Module EEPROM Layout, with fields configured for our carrier board to have the bootloader/device-tree/etc. automatically select the correct configuration with each different SOM?

We don’t support this use-case. For changing to the other SOM, it is required to re-flash the system. Such as Xavier NX developer carrier board, it can work with Xavier NX and Orin NX(can boot up but not pin-to-pin compatible). And it has to re-flash the system if we switch for one SOM to the other.

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