Custom carrier board not booting

Hi, We have flashed the custom carrier board and it was success but after that Module is not booting. The below is the log from debug port. Can you please check and let us know the reason for not booting.

Not_booting.txt (176.5 KB)

To add to above problem, we have installed the 8GB module in NVIDIA developer kit and flashed the OS.
Question regarding OS flashing:
As per NVIDIA, we board name should be jetson-agx-xavier-devkit-8gb, but this config file is not given in L4T package. I have flashed the OS with board name of jetson-xavier-8gb, flashing was successful and we are getting same problem as mentioned above.
Can you please check and give the solution.
Is there any option for live chat? we need some support from NVIDIA.

Hello @mgopi7416448813,

your log is pointing to an EEPROM read error. Please share you flash log.

Hello mike_nc,

Please find the attached flash log. We have not used any EEPROM in custom board. Should we change some thing in device tree.If yes, please let us know the steps to implement.
Flash_Log.txt (50.9 KB)

FYI, I have verified the same 8GB module with jetson developer kit and it is working fine.

Hi, Is it not booting because of un availablity of EEPROM? Please confirm and support to skip the EEPROM check in software.

I have also changed the pinmux excel and used new cfg file for custom carrier board. Can this cause the issue.


there is an EEPROM on the module that hosts device related information. You can see the layout here.

The EEPROM read error did not however happen during flash, this might be the propagation of an error elsewhere at boot time. Changes on the pinmux/cfg might be causing the issue, but I’d not discard a problem with the carrier board. You can test the changes (if applicable to the devkit) on the devkit to see if you can reproduce the issue.

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