Custom carrier board with p3448-0002 jetson nano reboot error

Hi, I need some help. I encountered the following problems:
1.I used custom carrier board with p3448-0002 jetson nano, I flash the rootfs in sd card rather than emmc
the extlinux as below:

the block device as below:

2.according to shutdown the power, filesystem are loading ok, but it cannot been loaded from reboot;the error log as below:
sd_card_reboot_error.txt (86.1 KB) custom carrier board Hardware schematic as below:

the dts only change it from “disabled” to “okay”

4.the 118 pin can not been configured as DC detect, so I configure the Set to low level by hardware.

This kind of issue has been replied for many times. Please search “sdmmc3” over this forum first.

You need to provide “vmmc-supply” and “cd-gpios” to your sdhci device tree node.

The problem has been solved,thanks!

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