Custom Carrier Card Design for Jetson AGX Xavier-Industrial(SOM) Module as PCIe ENDPOINT Configuration

We are working on Custom Carrier Card Design for Jetson AGX Xavier-Industrial(SOM) Module. As Part of Preliminary testing we are using P2822 Carrier Card, which comes with P2972 Development kit mounted to the brought out Jetson AGX Xavier-Industrial(SOM). Our goal is to port the software (Jetpack) and change the configuration of PCIe Root to PCIe EndPoint. we are able to flash the jetpack and required SDK’s but we are facing following issues.

  1. Performance of GPU is not as expected. we couldn’t run 4k video on the system. gtop profile of GPU is attached.
  2. For PCIe end point configuration, We have flashed the ./ file after changing the ODMDATA file. Then when we are Connecting Jetson agx system to the Host PC via PCIe cable the Jetson agx Module is not booting up.
  3. According to Schematic of P2822 Carrier Card, Do we need to change GPIO setting (GPIO6_PEX_REFLECT_SEL) to select the “NVHS_SLVS_REFCLK_P/N” clock as reference clock for endpoint.


Please refer to the EP design guide here.

Looks like your cable has slot regulator routing as well. However, you need to be cutoff at the cable. Please check if your design meets the requirement.

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